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Expert Care, Personal Touch: Right at Your Home


Concerned about staying healthy at home as you age, or ensuring your aging parent receives the care they need? Wondering if mom is taking her medications correctly or if her doctor is informed about her current health status? With 'RN for Me', gain peace of mind knowing your loved one is under the vigilant care of a professional registered nurse who conducts weekly visits. 'RN for Me' stands as the most affordable and dependable home care service in the Charleston, SC area, offering superior home care solutions to elderly patients managing injuries, illnesses, or the natural challenges of aging. We pledge to fulfill all your health care needs, going the extra mile to deliver the highest standard of care. Founded in 2000, 'RN for Me' was born from the recognition that an ever-changing world demands more in-home support for our senior citizens. Our mission is to provide that much-needed relief and support. We pride ourselves on delivering personalized home care services with both convenience and transparency, understanding the challenges of balancing daily life demands. Our commitment is to make our services both affordable and convenient for our clients. At 'RN for Me', we are dedicated to improving the health and well-being of our elderly clients through personalized, professional nursing care in the comfort of their own homes. Our founder, a passionate registered nurse with a wealth of experience in eldercare, established 'RN for Me' to address the significant lack of accessible healthcare services for seniors. Our primary services include weekly wellness visits for vital sign assessments and trend tracking, medication management through medication tray fill-ups, and ensuring accurate dosage and timing. Recognizing the crucial role of communication in healthcare, we act as an essential liaison between our clients and their doctors, championing their health and well-being. We also provide on-site simple lab tests, like blood sugar monitoring and INR checks for Coumadin/Warfarin users, to quickly respond to any arising health concerns. 'RN for Me' is not just a service; we are your partner in health, committed to providing compassionate care that supports our clients' health, fosters their independence, and ensures close connections with their healthcare providers.

Meet June Thorpe, RN

In 1985, June graduated from the University of South Carolina, acquiring her Bachelor of Science Nursing (BSN) degree. In 1981, before getting fully licensed as a nurse, June operated as a nurse technician for two years at William's Jennings Bryan Dorne, a Veteran's Hospital in Colombia, SC. 


Once she was fully licensed, June moved to Charleston, SC, where she worked as a nurse at Roper Hospital for over twenty years. She spent much of her time in the Emergency Room (ER) and Intensive Care Unit (ICU). She is certified in Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) and Basic Life Support (BLS). 


After retiring from Roper Hospital, June spent a decade overseas in Europe, where she taught English in the southern part of France. She values her fluency in French as it allows her to work seamlessly with French-speaking clients. 

It wasn't until her mother, Dorothy Thorpe needed help in 2017 that June flew back home to the States. Her mother had to move from her hometown of Camden, SC to Charleston, SC, so that June could help her as dementia was beginning to affect her life. June realized there was a dire need for caregivers to visit elderly or handicapped persons and conduct weekly wellness checks, help manage medication, and assist with doctor’s appointments. Thus, 'RN for Me' was born.


'RN for Me' offers Weekly Wellness Visits


Weekly Wellness Visits


Vital Signs Monitoring

& Trends


Medication Tray Fill-ups


Patient-Doctor Liaison Services


Simple Lab Tests

-Blood Sugar Monitoring

-INR Checks

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