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How Do I Get Started?

As the body ages, getting out and being social can becoming challenging, and this can be especially true of seniors who’ve recently had a surgery or are suffering from the onset of dementia or other conditions. This is why many seniors find themselves spending more time at home, which may leave them alone and feeling lonely for long periods of time. This is where a senior sitter can play a large role in improving the physical and emotional wellness of such a loved one. 


If you have been concerned about your ability to remain in your home, RN for Me may be for you. We give you peace of mind.

Complimentary Consultation

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Reach out to June Thorpe  via our "Complimentary Consultation" form on this website. June will reach out once you submit the form. She will schedule your in-person meeting. If you are a child calling to set up care for one or both of your parents, June will work with you on next steps. Don’t worry if your parent is resistant to care, June prides herself on being an "elderly whisperer" and guarantees your mom or dad will be happy with her services. ​


You will meet with June in person to discuss the care you need, timeline, availability, and whether you are a good fit. 


Patients click the button below to download and sign our Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) form.


Patients sign our 'Consent for Treatment' form.


We schedule your care.


You complete our Medical History Form. You have the option to do this in person when you meet with June or print this form and complete it prior to meeting. 

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